a hyphy bay area rapper that is the shit.
everyone that is cool, and hyphy knows that E-40 is bombbb
by jessicaisbomb March 17, 2008
rapper that represents the yay area. 707 and 510, although most people dont know it cause he doesnt show it off, he currently lives in danville,ca-925.
e-40 is the hottest rapper from the bay, i cant believe he lives in danville!
by layla2 April 04, 2006
a bay area hip-hop artist (notice i said hip-hop,not rap...if you dont know the difference you fully deserve to get shot)

e-40 goes by un-noticed has been making music before most of the bastards in todays industrialized rap genre were born....and NO three six mafia werent the first ones to start the "poppin my collar" trend it was e-40
if you think e-40s first ever song is called "U and Dat" then stop reading this and hang yourself for claiming to know all about hip-hop
by tha truth teller August 09, 2006
A weightlifting term for a 45 pound weight on each side of a bar.
Wtf is an E40?

You know, an E40. Two Forty-Fives, each side, bitch!
by Da Jackal April 29, 2010
A San Francisco Bay-Area based rapper.

Very innovative for his time (1991-Present), although he has been releasing several lackluster albums as of late.
"E-40 is the purveyor of 'savage ebonics'."
by Magmeezie August 29, 2003
a fatass rapper from the bay that used to be tight until he went mainstream and ruined his career.
e-40 is a money-hungry sellout.
by b-low July 26, 2006
a fat pussy mouth bitch that thinks hes hot shit the only reason people like his fatass is because hes stealing everything he says from mac dre, that fagget even moved to atlanta (notice im not like all the other wanna be fags that say atl)and hes gonna betray everybody why do you think keak wasnt with him when his fagget ass was on wild n out, and then theres people saying hes creative if mac dre was here e-40 would be more like the punk rock bitch he really is, shit most of those bay cats like fat joe more anyway, listen to the song "thizz wit it pop wit it" anyway e-40s not a bay pimp (like he ever was) now hes just some mainstream fag oh yeah im only 12 hows that for truth, anyway thats all i have to say and R.I.P. Mac Dre
man you startin to act like fagget e-40
by Christian Aguilera November 18, 2006
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