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An influential rap quartet from South Central LA. Members include Slim Kid, Fatlip, Bootie Brown and J-Swift. They met on the LA underground club circuit in the late 80s. Their debut album Bizarre Ride II was released in 1991, it went gold. Their second album Labcabincalifornia was released in 1994. It was not as quirky as the first but brilliant none the less. After a 5 years of hearing nothing from the group member Fatlip released a single, "What's Up Fatlip?" The Pharcyde continues to make muss to this day, however because of beef between the members Fatlip is no longer a part of the musical genius that was once The Pharcyde.
If you want to check out a real hip-hop group, might i suggest The Pharcyde.
by Bonita Applebum February 24, 2006
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