One who is dumb with technology.
Joe: Hey man I can't forward this pic of a Hot Karl

John: Give me your phone you're such an e-tard
by ThaCeo April 10, 2009
Someone who is internet illiterate.
may01:that was great!
juny02: i know, right? lol
may01: what's lol?
juny02: laugh-out-loud, you e-tard!
by d3moni March 20, 2009
Natsha twacked out daily chompin the pacifiers
pacifier chompin daily e-tard chompin
by tasha is a twacker September 16, 2007
The dumbshits who make ecstasy traffickers and manufacturers rich.
Johnny's money he uses to buy ecstasy goes directly into the pockets of some ecstasy manufacturer in the Netherlands. That e-tard needs to chill with the tabs.
by Ifucanreadthisgoodjob July 31, 2006
a person that had to much Ecstasy.

Take roots from retard.
look at that guy with the lightsticks, what a total E-tard!
by Lydia Bergeron February 10, 2003
Someone who cannot figure out the most basic functions of an electronic device.
The e-tard was trying to figure out why his television would not turn on and called me to go trouble shoot it, only for me to discover that he never plugged it in.
by TheFerndog August 08, 2008
A person who takes E on a regular basis untill the music in there head plays 24 /7 .
my friend Giancarlo cannot hear me because he is a E TAed
by Cal Van Clutch November 24, 2003

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