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2 definitions by zenbeer

e-tarded, (Internet slang), adj.

1. The act of believing falsehoods read on the Internet as the truth, even when presented incontrovertible scientific facts to counter said beliefs. Typically used by progressives and liberals to describe those of conservative and/or conservative christian ideologies on issues of science and politics.

Origins unknown but now being more widely used. Most likely a modern Internet chat variant of etard.
That guy is so e-tarded, he thinks global climate change is a liberal conspiracy to take his SUV away.
by zenbeer March 09, 2007
13 22
A grub. Someone who never brings anything with them to a party (food, beer, etc). A parasite on the party or group of friends who brings them along. Someone who borrows things and never returns them. N.J. slang from Clifton back in the 1980s, still used around this area.

The dude showed up empty handed & he lerped beer from us all night.

No way, we're not bringing him to the party, that guy is such a lerp!

As soon as we lit a cigarette this guy came up and lerped one off of me.

No, that guy can't borrow any of my tools, he's a lerp.

Those lerps stole the keg!
by zenbeer December 28, 2007
24 47