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E-Baller: a self-hating, negative, insecure, creepy, friend-lacking, person that grows “balls” on the internet that they do not have in real life in order to spend their sad life posting hateful comments about others to feel some level of importance.
dude, if i wasnt on the other side of the country and not sitting on my fat ass in my moms basement drinking orange soda, i would kick your ass! because im a total e baller.
by B.Scott December 28, 2007
a loser who goes on the Internet and makes hateful comments (racist, homophobic, etc.), but in reality, they don't have the balls to say the same comments to people's faces. It is said they grow e-balls.

Term coined by YouTube personality B. Scott
E-baller: N*iggers and F*gs should die.
Person: No, you should die, f*cking e-baller.
by Scheherazade Angel March 02, 2008
A baller who reached baller status due to computer savvy, an idea requiring little money (ie Google's CEO) or a calculated risk in securing a loan or cash infusion for said idea based on having a proverbial ball already rolling, when the implicated loan was actually necessary to get the ball rolling in the first place.

Not to be confused with an e-thug

In short, one who made their fortune from the computer market.
Wow, that Dirty Sanchez from BangBus is an e-baller for real.
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