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Officially, the misuse of employer provided e - mail.

Practically, something that you get accused of when your work want you to leave / block a promotion / sack people without paying redundancy costs etc.

Usually ends with being hit with the disciplinary hammer, generally with a view to sacking your ass.
Employee is called to a meeting and presented with a pile of e - mails.


We've audited your inbox and these e - mails are completely unacceptable and represent e - mail abuse and a breach of the Code of Conduct.

What did you mean when you wrote 'I'd smack that back door' when writing about my PA?

HR Manager:

Think carefully about your answer. Sexual Harrasment and non work usage of electronic media is a dismissable offence.


I was referring to her great ass and saying I'd like to show it love. I thought it was flattering.


That's not an appropriate way to behave in a disciplinary hearing.

HR Manager:

I refer you to your e - mail asking Joe if he had seen the murmur pants on display in Finance. What are murmur pants?


You should know. You told me.

HR Manager:

This isn't about me.


It's a tight pair of female pants that mean you can see the lips moving but you can't hear a sound.

Is there any point in continuing this discussion?

HR Manager & Manager

by HR_Advisory March 07, 2011

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