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That badass guy in the gym you see every time you go.Usually has veins popping out of his head and breathing heavily.Noone F*cks with him.
Holy sh*t! That guy just benched 405 pounds,His name must be dyllan!
by Youermom Swallows August 21, 2010
An unbelievably shy, and usually bespectacled, man. First appearances may lead one to believe he is haughty or aloof, however if granted entry through his protective wall of disinterest, one may find the Dyllan to be a caring and intelligent companion. Possessing a love for fun and a wonderful sense of humor, time spent with Dyllan is always enjoyable, and as a friend his loyalty, trust and honesty are unparalleled.
Dyllan is the coolest cat to ever jive the globe!
by T. F. Roach December 06, 2012
an asian kid with teh crazy anime hair. usually found in skinny jeans and asian clothing. you can never tell what ethnicity he is due to his style, hair and many other factors. fortunately you can find him shirtless on stickam. Also known as best stripper
There were tons of Dyllan's in Chinatown!

Did you see that Dyllan at the club?!
by ddelectable January 17, 2009
half american quarter mexican quarter irish. quarterback in football. 49er`s fan. usually tanish with brown hair almost always smart
dyllan the football star
by sofy July 10, 2008