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1. motorcycle that is ridden by a woman, especially one of dykish nature
2. bicycle that is ridden by a dyke
1. I was gonna go out with this chick, but then I found out about her dykecycle so I called it off.
2. My bike became a dykecycle when It was borrowed by butch sally.
by shut your mouth jim April 05, 2011
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Two, usually elderly, women riding a tandem bicycle who are also lesbians. Usually found on country roads and parks.
Person 1: "Why are you out of breath?"

Person 2: "We threw some eggs at a dykecycle and ran away."

Person 1: "Good, I hate dykecyclists with their baking and poetry... Fuckin' dykes."
by psyco jello December 01, 2008
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