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A baby talk way of saying "drink"

Person 1 - "Can you get me a dwink pwease?"

Person 2 - "Awww course I will. Your so cute baby"
by AleX and RacH November 17, 2007
7 7
The act of picking up on someone by winking at them as you seductively sip your drink.
Im about to get so nice with that guy I just dwinked across the bar.
by Maverick Jr. October 10, 2011
5 3
The act of taking both of your hands and forming gun motions and winking with both of your eyes.
This is used with a sexual reference.
College guy #1: Oh damn she's so fine
College guy #2: Dude, dwink at her
*College guy #1 dwinks*
Hot girl: OMG I want to do him. I am so flattered because he just dwanked at me.
College guy #1: OMG come home with me.
by SigmundFreud88 January 08, 2011
0 4