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An older gentleman who would typically be considered to be a "daddy" but has an unusually youthful appearance like a "twink".
John Stamos is dwink that can quench my thirst.
by troyrob2000 August 22, 2016
The act of picking up on someone by winking at them as you seductively sip your drink.
Im about to get so nice with that guy I just dwinked across the bar.
by Maverick Jr. October 10, 2011
A baby talk way of saying "drink"

Person 1 - "Can you get me a dwink pwease?"

Person 2 - "Awww course I will. Your so cute baby"
by AleX and RacH November 17, 2007
The act of taking both of your hands and forming gun motions and winking with both of your eyes.
This is used with a sexual reference.
College guy #1: Oh damn she's so fine
College guy #2: Dude, dwink at her
*College guy #1 dwinks*
Hot girl: OMG I want to do him. I am so flattered because he just dwanked at me.
College guy #1: OMG come home with me.
by SigmundFreud88 January 08, 2011
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