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Dweebis is a word used to describe someone who has a lot of body hair, doesn't shower, chain smokes, drinks way too much Mountain Dew, plays video games all day, and likes to swear at everyone.
"My cousin Chris is a dweebis"
by modifiedbeauty March 09, 2010
A hirsute, troll-like girl
Isn't Maggie a dweebis?
Yes. She is irrefutably a dweebis.
by TheFalconCaCaw September 16, 2013
Dweebis is the adjective used to describe an overly cocky person who thinks there the best at everything but in all truth is a complete fuckwit and often have two first names
Dweebis- "this hot bitch is gonna suck me off at the party once my braces are gone"

In all reality everyone knows dweeb wont have a chance because mummy wont be there to hold hes hand
by dweebsmustbesmithosed March 11, 2014
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