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When two people stick their asses together.
Guy: Me and Ingrid did a dutch hat last night.

Guy 2: Awesome.
by tomjgonzo July 20, 2012
A sex term coined by Craig Ferguson from the Late Late Show. Can be done reverse or forwards.
Guy: Yeah she preferred to wear the Dutch hat if you know what I mean.
by Pleasejustgoaway July 17, 2012
Famed for being mentioned on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, a Dutch Hat is when your partner wears a toy windmill on their head and you urinate on the windmill causing it to spin.

Traditionally the urinator would wear wooden shoes as to not step in his own urine.
"Jodie, your hair looks greasy today, didn't you shower?"

"Not since my boyfriend gave me the old Dutch Hat."
by Golliher July 23, 2012
When European girls pile on a guy - usually American, but Canadian, Australia etc
"Time for a quick reverse Dutch hat then catching the train from Noddington junction to Bedfordshire. " source: Craig F tweet.
by bruxisme July 17, 2012
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