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The sound a rock makes when it hits the water
by sourcer May 15, 2003
The way a fucktard spells douche
you are a cockbite if you spell it dush
by alec81484 April 27, 2004
1-A person that feels necessary to be a total jackass.

2- An overly stupid person who attempts to make others feel inadequate about themselves with verbal or physical actions.

3- Someone that makes fun of others by making false accusations when they themselves are the subject of the same accusations.

4- A shifter of blame.
1- John is being a total dush today.

2-Carl was bullying some freshmen today.

3- Matt is trying to accuse Kyle of being a queer, even though we all know he himself is a queer.

4- A- Austin is such a fag.

B- Shut up Nick, everyone knows you enjoy the company of men.
by kashmaster January 07, 2010
A doughnut on a stick.
Hey Pierce wanna eat some dush's after school.
by Samson The Turtle October 18, 2010
something sketchy or inherently mysterious . used in adjective form or noun.
Lindsay has some dush dush that she has yet to reveal.

kiel Knows some dush about that situation.
by CfreshTEX May 30, 2010
-a very astonished state of mind that there's totally no comment about it
anime sweat drop but with a huge sweat drop that can make a sound as loud as dush.
A: Sorry I was meant to say something but I forgot when I wanted to say
B: Dushhhhhh
by tmyrk December 05, 2009
A non derogatory word for a very very very dark black person. YOu must say the word dush with as low of a voice as you can with a cough in the middle.
He man this movie line is really long, hey look at that dush, he is so dark.
by SackTatty August 26, 2009