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- A small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania with a population of roughly 600. literally. Majority of the civilians are either over the age of 85, or under the age of 6. If you happen to be 1 of the 25 teenagers who live here, you know the names of the other 24. It's a quiet town overly infested with crickets & mosquito's. The dirtiest part of the Susquehanna River runs through here, & it's 99% sewage, 1% river. The teenagers keep themselves occupied by stumbling around high or drunk, or sitting on a street corner for long periods of time. The cops enjoy making you miserable. Don't get caught walking around passed 10pm if you're under the age of 18. You WILL get cited.
Person 1- "So where are you from?"
Person 2- "Duryea, Pa."
Person 1- "Where the hell is that?"
Person 2-"*exasperated sigh*"
by GabbyAngel215 March 12, 2012
When a man/woman straightens their pubic hair for a classy effect. Mostly done before oral sex.
Damn look at that duryea.
by alexa webb September 14, 2007
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