durt is a word for anything it can be good or bad or the normal dirt chavs like it
'' err yer nose be durt''
by gangsta boi August 16, 2005
Top Definition
More descriptive than the well-known "dirt," "durt" specifically describes the smegma and other assorted debris that accumulates underneath a rug in a home or dorm.
Caitlin and I lifted up the rug to move out and found all this durt we'd missed with the vacuum!
by UCT7 May 04, 2011
it is like dirt but better you can use it to describe something good or bad
er that be durt like durt is well durt
by thtg September 02, 2005
(1) the sound a kung fu fighter makes when he hits you


(2) the sound craig mutters when he comes home massively drunk
"Oi micko, watch me punch a hole in this wall... DURT!!!"
by Bruce Hard April 13, 2008
A women chod
search "chod" for further results
Your mom has such a disgusting durt
by TGuay October 30, 2007
means the good shit the best at everything that that person does.
ere my man ya not ready 4 my durts(excuse me mister im a better geeza than you)
by skitze April 16, 2007
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