A hot dog and a hamburger. in one.
"I can't decide if this hot dog or hamburger should go down first."
"Take it all! Eat your DURGER."
by D- lo May 18, 2008
Top Definition
Another name for Hotdogs. Short for Hotdurger. Does not have to be on a hamburger bun, can be on a hotdog bun.
"they got anything good?"
"yeah they got some durgers right here"
"they got what?"
motions to hot dogs and says, "durgers!"
by iamstev May 19, 2010
A word made by a black man meaning after eating good food, you get home and take a crap. the crap is called a "durger"
"man i just went out with my girl and we went to chipotle and man do i need to take a durger"
by ninjaboi1234 October 24, 2011
A device comprised of either a used toilet paper or paper towel roll and dryer sheet, (ex. Bounce). You blow marijuana smoke through one end and out through the other to purify the smell of the smoke. Extensive means including excess amounts of sheets and rubber band and seals can help create a VERY efficient tool in covering up the smell of marijuana smoke.
Jim blew his hit through the Durger at his desk in him room. His parents had no idea he was smoking. The Durger covered up the stank.
by SKE206 December 02, 2006
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