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Sandwich comprising a split-grilled Wiener, Frankfurter, or bratwurst sausage served on a Kaiser bun. An expedient solution if you have run out of hotdog buns, which are normally sold eight to the bag, while hotdogs are usually sold ten to the package.
We're out of hotdog buns. Guess it's hotdurgers now.
by double-ought-nine September 13, 2006
1. Alex Weisburger
2. A hotdog in a hamburger bun
"Yo! Hotdurger how are ya?"
by Szabo February 08, 2005
Picking up your dog's front legs by putting your hands in its armpits, so only their back legs are on the ground.

1. I just gave Spotty a hotdurger and he growled.
by hime.momo April 14, 2009
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