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The act of stealthily hitting a person in the back of the knee, causing the joint too rapidly unlock, sending them to the ground.
There I was, picking up on Amy, when that rat-bastard Richard came and durged me. I had been holding a fart in the chamber, but as I applied effort to keep myself from falling, I blasted an embarassing toot. Needless to say, my conversation with Amy was over.
#prank #hot carl #donkey punch #steamer #quaff #cleveland #dirty sanchez #durge #value-wipe
by bjergen August 14, 2006
a) An extremely saggy or limp vagina, often hairy, practically hanging off the pelvis, that is highly unattractive to look at or consider, usually found occupying the crotches of prostitutes or grandmothers

b) Could also be referred to as a wizard's sleeve or clown's pocket
Once I'm done with her, she'll have a durge...
#wizard's sleeve #clown's pocket #saggy #vagina #prostitute
by stockholm-syndrome December 13, 2010
Durge can be anything that you find repulsive.
The green slime that builds up on the side of lakes, the smell of bins or Hugh Grant's acting
"Hey Grant, you seen Saz's new pics?"

"Yeah bruv, they are proper durge"
#puke #wrong #sick #disgusting #saz
by Wockney October 01, 2007
Durge can be anything that you find repulsive.

Like the green slime that builds up round the edge of lakes, the smell of dirty bins or chick flicks that star Hugh Grant
"Dude, you seen Saz's new pics?"

"Yeah bruv, they are proper durge"
#disgusting #sazzed #rank #appaling #horrific
by Wockney October 08, 2007

kinda guy who gets cheats on his wife kissing other women to obtain kissing orgasm.

(anyone have an actual nickname close, as or close sounding, I don't direct it to them, don't know them.)
"Her durge is a frequent champagne room patron, don't blame the clubs, they do what they can to prevent durges from frequenting."
#spot eyed #foul #toe sock #outsed #bounce
by noixz January 15, 2009
to set an automated email process (rule) to delete all incoming GLURGE before it hits your inbox either by looking for "FW:" at the beginning of the subject line or blocking a sender.
1. I hated to do it, but I finally had to durge Aunt Mary. 2. I set a durge and cut my inbox in half.
#glurge #email rules #spam #family spammer #fram
by ElDub September 03, 2008
Defined as the utter lack of respect for his/others sexual organs. Often are admitted sex change patents.
That kangaroo was born a durge of a nature.
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
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