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A durff is a person who uses overtechnically annoying wannabe sacrastic and witty comments. Also who is a kissbutt egotastical nerd.
"Gawsh! He has SUCH a durffy attitude!"Girl1 "Yeah, his durffitude fuels his ego the size of Jupiter!"Girl2
"Are you talking about me? Durff isn't a word you guys! Hehehe *nerd laugh*! I'm I annoying! Hehehe!*snork*",Durff.
"Shut up you stupid durff!",Girl1and2
by tiffanyba November 02, 2010
the area between the scrotum and the anus. named after the noise you make when someone kicks you there.
"you bitch! you kicked me in the durff
by slimey January 13, 2005
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