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A DUMB SURFER. One who cant engage in an intelligent conversation. Beach bum who lives for surfing and dosent educate himself.
"Youre a dirty durfer"
by mahina September 16, 2006
The highest destiny of man was to evolve to a purely aesthetic state of being, durfers have nearly achieved said state. An enigma; A durfer is a spiritual being who strives to be one with mother nature, though the distraction of the simple pleasures (namely the trogs on Kauai) may pull away from a durfers’ spirituality- it is regained through time spent meditating, surfing, and reconnecting with nature.
"It's an honor to be called a Durfer"
by Kamelelani November 10, 2006
someone who thinks (or acts like) they are all good at surfing but really sucks.

Also, a loser, poser, idiot, etc.
Lizzy is most definitely a durfer.
by Double D collaboration May 15, 2006
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