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As Sir Mix A Lot would say, baby's got back! Booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere. Durango, by definition, is a huge, huggggeeee booty.
Awwww shit dawg that girl's durango is huuuuge.. look at that. Dawg, I gotta hit up that dur-an-go.
by Giuliana and Lauren January 18, 2008
26 37
Mexican state where Pancho Villa was born.
Pancho Villa is a mexican hero, he was born in Durango, Mexico
by Aztek May 31, 2005
118 41
Durango, the original Durango, is in Bizkaia, in the Basque Country. One of the few place-names that the Spanish didn't change --- so there!
Jimmy: Let's go to Bilbao tonight.
Iker: Nah. Fuck that. There's better shit goin down in Durango.
by Johnneeeeeeeeeee May 19, 2008
27 10
Small city in La Plata county in southwestern Colorado. Durango was a mining town, and the tourist industry keeps them alive today.
Durango, CO has the Durango & Silverton railroad for people to ride in the summer months.
by djscrizle July 14, 2005
63 49
A kick-ass truck manufactured by Dodge that in most cases sports a 4.7, 5.2, 5.7, or 5.9 Liter V8.

Most often seen driven by people intelligent enough to choose it over the popular Ford Exploder.
Dude, my Durango can take out your whimpy 'Stang any day!
by IRT-Captain July 10, 2005
45 55
A motor vechile created by Dodge yet more commonly known as the rape mobile
The other night I got stuck in the durango for hours on end.
by mommysgirl May 07, 2007
17 39