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Silverton is a small town, with a population of around 700, located in the southern Texas panhandle. Only thing keeping this town on the map is a chain of shit ass convenience stores called Allsups and an old ass school. 100% of the town’s crackheads, high school dropouts, and pregnant women are employed by Allsups. The rest of the population is employed by a single farmer. Silverton School has been on a spiraling downfall since it opened its doors. This town and school are so fucking boring the youth has turned to heavy binge drinking. The high school girls, even as young as junior high, have resulted to heavy dick sucking and hard fucking to pass the time in that miserable shit hole called Silverton.
Silverton live the worst fucking dream of your life!!!!!!
by Scroty McBooger Balls April 29, 2010
a hick town where there's nothing to do but smoke pot or have sex;a lot of old people's home
Mike and Sherry had nothing to do but going to Silverton,Sherry had a baby 9 months later
by halleee June 12, 2008
ninety nines run shit here
niggas no better than to come through silverton mo fuckas get killed up in this bitch
by jrsey October 08, 2008
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