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A couple who are romantically involved, but insist on duping the public into thinking that they are 'just friends'.
As one of the hottest duples in Hollywood, Brad and Angelina kept their distance on the red carpet.
by Sandy Sharkey October 19, 2005
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noun: most commonly known as Music (of time or music) having two beats in a bar. More accurate definition is that of a sexually suggestive term used to break the ice in awkward situations, such as in band class. See examples below.
Teacher - "So who wants the solo?"

Student - "Nick, I can see your duples."

(note: the name Nick carries no significance, in this case it is simply a randomly generated name to convey the appropriate message to define said word)
by bukkitserchprty January 31, 2010
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A bear with all his fur shaved off
by Evil Tim August 01, 2003
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