slang for don't or do not. often used by people of nordic heritage.
I dunt want to go to the doctor today because I dunt have insurance.
by plumboo December 28, 2005
this word is the same as tooth. However "dunts" means teeth
You'd rather pull your dunt out
by Andrius M. March 13, 2008
the sound a guitar makes
That guitar is calling me a dunt, I am offended.
by kapow January 27, 2004
Used when saying "Let's Dunt", meaning 'let's go', or lets' leave'

Derived from the term "lets dunununu", which is derived from saying "let's- (then humming the words to ludacris's song 'rollout'",

Dervived from the term "Let's Rollout", meaning, "Let's Go"
EX: "God i'm sick of the cafe, let's dunt."
by Alien 1111 September 27, 2006
A Dutch Masters cigar filled with marijuana.
UCF student A: pass that dunt

UCF student B: got em
by Pizzle for Rizzle June 14, 2007
a stupid malay who does a lame-ass smile face when you tell it it's a retard. ie. ;)~
"You are a retard" ';)~' "What a dunt!"
by dunt-h8er September 21, 2003
synonym for "stupid malaysian with bad case of acne".
Pie is dunt's best friend in the world.
by anonymous March 10, 2005

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