A person who lies as much as he shits and rarely bathes or changes clothes which allows him to maintain a highly unpleasant odor that can only be described as the Must.
"that dude that said he had a 10 inch dick was such a dunny."

"this room stinks"
"ya that dunny left the must"
by doodypie69696969 November 15, 2008
Australian word meaning the toilet. Can also be known as the 'dunny-can'.
Gah! Whewre's the dunny man?!
by MissieMissie August 14, 2004
Australian term for any toilet.
"I need to go to the dunny."
"I jus' dropped a fat shit in the dunny."
by Diego September 09, 2003
An outside toilet.

Country of origin: Australia
I need to go to the dunny.
by Evo May 16, 2003
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