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People who are extremely afraid of doing something and refusing to.
"Man, those kids are such pussies, they won't even go into the graveyard at night."
by Evo November 03, 2004
The one who rocks all your world
by evo March 21, 2003
Finchy is generally found in a haze a weed smoke, carefully thinking about an effective solution to solve his chronic drug problem.
Derived from the character from The Office- brash, to the point, and takes no prisoners.
Ben: Whats up wit you?
Joe: I'm feelin' Finchy
by Evo October 18, 2004
When one sits down or stands up from the toilet seat and their dick drags across the end of the seat. Especially common with short bowl toilets and closed loop toilet seats.
We replaced the toilet in the downstairs bathroom to reduce the occurence of dick drag.
by evo September 30, 2004
Slang --

Org: Gic (HyperThread)
1) Noun: Gic that is confusing, scattered or disorienting in nature. Always in quantities greater than individual.
2) Verb: To gic in a particularly intense or illustrative manner.
1) Surveying the field littered with gic-jack, he wept for there were no more worlds left to conquer.
2) Got gic-jack'd by that ass hat in the SUV.
3) Don't you be bringin' that gic-jack in here muthafucka.
by Evo September 24, 2004
The epitome of stupidity. If someone were to ask me where to find the dumbest person, I would most definitely poin him towards a drolsmurf. These 'things' just run around naked all day shouting 'penis' at random people. Stay clear of supermarkets if you don't want to run into a drolsmurf.
<Evo> omg stfu u drolsmurf

<Evo> stop being a drolsmurf
by Evo April 10, 2004
a hyper crap pot that has no dick
ur a hypefocrappot
by evo April 12, 2004

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