An outside toilet.

Country of origin: Australia
I need to go to the dunny.
by Evo May 16, 2003
Short abbreviation for the word, "dunce".
Omfg breh, he's such a dunny.
by DunnyDunce April 03, 2011
The stereotypical australian word for toilet that falsely implies aussie toilets are jusst a hole in a block of wood when they're not.
I'm just hopping off to the dunny for a bit.
by Chris January 08, 2005
Used as an insult, specifically as a synonym for 'idiot' or 'retard'.

Possibly a derivative of 'dunce'. Used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Chloe: How's work?
Amy: It was sound, but then they hired new people and they're all right dunnies. Specially this guy called Rob. He's the biggest dunny of all.
by JJome February 08, 2011
Explosive diarrhea similar in color to Dunn Brothers Coffee.
I had a dunny today and it took five sham wows to soak it all up.
by iknowalotofwords September 15, 2009
A person who lies as much as he shits and rarely bathes or changes clothes which allows him to maintain a highly unpleasant odor that can only be described as the Must.
"that dude that said he had a 10 inch dick was such a dunny."

"this room stinks"
"ya that dunny left the must"
by doodypie69696969 November 15, 2008
This word was orginally created by flanders and rola in a ramdon topic round on msn. It began as a mis-spelling of funny but they decided to make it into a word. They narrowed it down to a choice of two very good opinions. They then began a coin flip contest to see which which meaning was to be used. In the end this meaning won out - someone who intentionally steals a word/phrase which does not, and will NEVER belong to them.
by Stephen Landers January 04, 2008

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