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We always called a condom a Dunkie. From late 70s - 90s. S.Wales
by poobeard October 11, 2003
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pronounced dune-kee; the shortened version of "badunkadunk" meaning a woman's ass that is big, shapely and provides hours of viewing enjoyment.
"I gonna sip a little somethin' while you bounce that ass, Girl you gotta dunkie!"
Pronunciation of "donkey" often used in Foxrock, Dublin, Ireland.
You wahnt to take cay of annnnenimal, you odipt a dunkie, roysh?
by Fearman November 09, 2007
A sexual act, where a male inserts his penis into a doughnut, then proceeds to dunk the doughnut into a beverage. The doughnut is eaten off of the penis by his partner. Usually accompanied by oral sex during or after the Dunkie occurs.

The Dunkie can be performed with a variety of doughnuts and/or a number of doughnuts simultaneously. A cinnamon doughnut, could yield a Cinnamon Dunkie.

"Double Dunkie" when done with 2 doughnuts, "Triple Dunkie" with 3, and so on for the more well endowed and hungrier partners.
Dude I totally convinced my chick to do a Dunkie last night! She was hungry, so I gave her a double Cinnamon Dunkie.
by Nate70 June 28, 2010
A condom, rubber johnny, profalactic
I need a dunkie to fuck my girlfriends wet cunt

MY dad took my dunkies off me for shagging the dog
by naughtybrethrin July 10, 2008
The smallest possible size of poop able to be naturally excreted from the anus.
I have the dunkies again
by Jeff ha ha August 09, 2003

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