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Typically anyone of Arab or Indian decent, usually speaks in slur and mumbles muhammad, jihad and/or "dirka-dirka" at least three or more times in their sentences. Also known as terrorists and sand niggers. They are found at 7/11s to telemarkers across the globe.
"Our soldiers at war with a bunch of dune coons!"
"Holy shit! That dune coon's gonna blow us to high heaven!"
by DuneMaster April 27, 2009
Same as Sand Nigger - A racist slur towards people of middle eastern decent. The term is used mainly in North America where it has become a popular derogatory term towards someone of Arab, North African, Afghan and Pakistani descent. It is less known in the UK where, instead, the term 'Paki' is used for people of the latter origins.
Black boy: "Hey yo Sam, you gon' be at the party tonight down by Westside of Compton?"

White boy: "Hell no! You want my ass kicked in by a bunch of Coons?"

Black boy: "There'll be Dune Coons there too?"

White boy: "Dune Coons are still Coons!?"

Black boy: "Fair enough, let me know if you change yo mind."
by PirusNiggerLeech March 14, 2009
a person of middle eastern descent who belives in islam. islam is fake beleif started by an evil man named mohammed. Mohammed molested children and had a 9 yr old wife. in the quoran, or koran, its says to be nice to jews and christians. but in other sections of it, it says to kill the infidel, or ppl who are not muslim. it encourages this openly. This shows that all muslims are NOT evil, but ARE going to hell for beleiving in their false religion.all false religions were started by evil men. mormons. started by perverts.
pheww did u smell that after that dune coon walked by???
by Tyler from texas bitch! February 22, 2005
A person who smells of camel anus.
Emma terrell is a dunecoon.
by jigga whattt September 17, 2008
Someone either of Middle Eastern decent, or some dumb ass who often cooks on a tandoori oven while listening to Beware Of The Boys.
That Dune Coon over there looks as baked as the desert he grew up in.
by WillDaBeast:) November 16, 2011