(n) Muslim or person of middle eastern descent.
"M'f'in' dune coon cabbies never pick a brother up!"
by Big G lizard September 10, 2007
derogatory word for middle eastern people
Hey that dune coon is getting away with your camel
by Branny Pakistani November 12, 2007
slang for any/all Arabs
There goes another raghead, or is it sand nigger, or are they dune coons!
by yitsonlyme April 29, 2006
Derogatory term of U.S Army origin during the Gulf War.
Used to denote someone from the Iran/Iraq desert region.
Not often used as it is offensive to both the People of the Persian region as well as the African-American soldiers sent there.
'Dunecoon' is a depreciated term.
'Towel head' and 'Camel Jockey' are perfecly good subsitutes.
-- 'Three Kings' David O'Russell 1999
by Tis a fact January 09, 2004
another nickname for a dot head or a person from those crappy countries such as Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.
I went to the Quickie Mart and the dune coon raised all the prices!
by OnE LoVe February 15, 2005
a person of arabian decent,most often a terrorrist,they smell like camel ass,most of the time they are plotting something, and there are way too many of them.
Obama,osama bin laden,sadam insane,and the local derka derka at the qwick stop are all examples of a dune coon.
by derka derka=crispy critter March 01, 2010
Very similar to a darkie but originates from a sandy habitat as opposed to the jungle. Generally bad hygiene and sometimes like to blow themselves / others up
All I want is a dune coon to make me a kebab then his brother / cousin / uncle can drive me home in his taliban wagon
by Pat_Mustard December 01, 2009
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