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A very large defication.
Hold on, I gotta take a dumo.
by Clunie November 18, 2004
Shorthand way of referring to a Du Maurier brand cigarette
Hey Ted, can I steal a dumo off of you?
by Spigga August 26, 2005
The act of asking a co-worker to lunch, and then cancelling at the last minute because a higher ranking co-worker invited you to lunch.
Sorry pal, I gotta dumo you. The VP asked me to come to lunch.

Oh man, Steve totally dumo'd me! Now I have to eat lunch alone!
by Snowflake22 May 16, 2008
The undisputed sex god of all of the land.
Dude, he banged 15 chicks last night! He's such a DuMO
by Anonymous November 02, 2003
Japanese for "handsome"
Dustin is so dumo!
by Dudsgirl December 10, 2013
Sumo Dump - A very large dump (defication) that causes the dumper make sounds like a sumo wrestler.
Stephanie left her desk to go take a dumo... I could hear her sumo grunts from all the way down the passage.
by The Jessterizor October 07, 2011