Typically said when conversing with a tourist in another country such as New Zealand.
This "Dumb cunt" is often referred to someone who frequently displays tardiness, is unorganised, and is generally a stupid fucking idiot.
Cool dude at a party: "Look at that idiot rubbing his stomach screaming OIII on the d floor aye"
2nd cool dude: "what a dumb cunt aye!!"

Lad: *opens door* "are you ready bro?"
Maxi: "yeah bro i'm ready to go. all i have to do is finish breakfast, brush my teeth, put my shoes on and pack my bags"
Lad: "fuck you're a dumb cunt.."
by Schwulmeister February 27, 2014
adolescents who take the meanings of English oriented words and turn them into slang or colloquial terminology.
Dude 1: How great was my party the other night?!
Dude 2: Um, i wasn't invited..
Dude 1: AWKIES.. *walks away*
Dude 2: It's awkward you illiterate dumb cunt.
by .jay. February 19, 2011
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