What happens to people who learn definitions from this retarded site.
I go to urbandictionary daily to dumb down myself with retarded and/or completely incorrect definitions.
by Thomas195 December 06, 2009
Top Definition
to make stupider; reduce the intelligence of
Listening to George W. Bush really dumbed me down.

(dumb down)
by whatserface December 05, 2008
the act of making something easier to understand, not exclusive to a sped or retard, first used by Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News
Chadwick: Hey Raul, what did you get on Mr. Abernathy's History test?
Raul: I got a 7 dude
Chadwick: Holy Shit man, Abernathy was using sock puppets to demonsrate Manifest Destiny, how much more does he have to dumb-down the lesson for you?
by MAdude October 07, 2006
To dumb down is an alternate way to say you're doing "downer" drugs (i.e. opiates, weed, etc)
Time to dumb down boys!

Guy 1: What you up to man?
Guy 2: 'bout to dumb down, what's good with you?
by xio2 August 30, 2010
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