one who is adequately large in the pants.
male - *pulls down pants*
chick - woah, your a dullard, take me.
by bradlley anderson February 28, 2009
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A person from Newcastle who has no idea..
Micky is a complete dullard as he has never heard of Lost.
by UrbanGinger March 16, 2015
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Basically a Fukwit, who is trained to read a script but doesn't have a clue what it means.
Is trained to fill in the blanks or input three basic entries of information to get an answer then makes out he/she is the "Lord of All Information and shall not be passed"
Dullard: 'The computer says that that will be 'x' amount available.'

You: 'But you started your conversation with'y' amount.'
Dullard: 'Yes, but the answer is 'x'
You: 'How ?'
Dullard: 'Because that's what it tells me'
by WoodeyRu April 26, 2017
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