A dis term 4 6 deuce.
Man fucK dem bitcKh ass dukeys
by G-MONEY December 10, 2004
Top Definition
to put it simply, poop, whether it be animal or human
I just stepped in dukey
by Tiffany March 07, 2004
Feces, especially feces associated with an extremely foul odor. (Also spelled "dukee" in classical literature.)
Sweetheart, do you have a clothespin? I'd really like to kiss you but your breath smells like dukey.
by Noah Webster February 16, 2005
lump of brown smell
(see above words)
Hey! Look! I just took a dukey and it clogged up the toilet! Do you have a plunger?
by anonymous September 29, 2003
A dukey is a nice fat ass.
That's what I calla ass so fat
I wonder if yo mama can give that
You got that... dukey!

Shorty got a walk so mean
Baby let me get in them jeans
You got that... dukey!
by f_ January 09, 2008
The name of the talking dog on johnny test
Dukey run!
by MizRaymond May 31, 2011
shit, poop
Look at that pile of dukey on the ground, dukey-breath.
by JB April 08, 2003
A really big and messy shit. It will usually make the whole bathroom smell like shit for 1-3 days.
"Hey Dude! Wanna go play some ball?" " Nah man, maybe after I take my Dukey!"
by TmoneyTheRealO.G January 04, 2015
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