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a stupid dumbfuck who usually is not quick in the head and is addicted to using honeysuckle air fresheners in their cars (which usually sucks beyond belief). WHO THE FUCK LIKES TO SNIFF HONEYSUCKLE!? what the fuck IS a honeysuckle?
i digress.
anyways- you can identify this person as being an oversized elf with a big nose and thinks they're the shit because they beat up kids 4 years younger than they are. if that's not bad enough, they should have their face shit on by a constipated seagull and/or smited and removed from the face of the earth forever.
"Hey, Sam! Stop being a duimmy you fucktard."
"You are such a duimmy. Learn to not be such a sped."
by I.M. Sofaking Wetodd Did April 28, 2007
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