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When you run into Burger King dressed as a giant hamburger saying you must save your people and start taking the hamgburgers outta peoples mouths and then proclaim that the aliens are coming
Some dude did a duimbbe today.
Wtf is wrong with those people!
by Nate October 14, 2004
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When you live in a junk yard your whole life and grow up there.
Nathanial is a duimbbe.
by Ahren October 14, 2004
It means every word in the dictionary.
Duimbbe duimbbe duimbbe?
by Ahren September 28, 2004
When there is no other word to describe what you are trying to say use duimmbe.
"That guy is so fat there isn't even a word for it."

"Use duimbbe."
by Ahren October 15, 2004
When you kick a crossdressing dude in the balls to prove to him he is infact not a woman.
I had to duimbbe that guy he was getting on my nerves.
by Nate October 07, 2004
When you take a huge crap and it overflows from the toilet and goes on your feet.
Whats with your feet?
I had a duimbbe.
by Nate October 01, 2004

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