Duggie is when a Boy fucks a girl in her ass. it is also a dance, when you take ur hand and smooth ur hair back. Dance comes from Dug E.Fresh
She rollin, I'm rollin, before I hit it from the back I need a trojan, im bouta hit her wit da duggie duggie.
by Kay Bizzle June 25, 2007
Top Definition
'Duggie' like an adjective to describe their swagger and their style, saying that they're fresh and looking flyy. so they're basically saying that she likes my swagger and im fly.
she say shes likes my duggie !
by khriz March 28, 2008
A fresh new haircut. Your head, after a recent visit to your local stylist.
Girl: I like your duggie.

Boy: Its so fresh.
by GlBlood August 30, 2009
The sexual act of two men getting in the 69 position where one man is doing a hand-stand and the other is behind him giving him a furious hand-job while spinning in a circle (Duggie can be used as a a noun or verb. Definition originates from Tosh.0, season 3, episode 2, video breakdown).
Bill and Tom were watching the Football game, but nothing was happening. So to pass the time they started doing the Duggie.


Tim asked Caleb, "Is it true that you and John Duggied?"
by Chuck the Old Man January 23, 2011
A people suffering from mental disabilities.

Can also be used as an insult implying someone is dumb.
look at jack he's such a duggie
by namegone July 13, 2005
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