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3 definitions by "T-Money"

A word used in a go-go song by CCB meaning anal sex.
She rollin' car strollin' and I hit her from the back, I need a trojan, so I hit her wit the duggy duggy
by "T-Money" November 05, 2005
A form of saying "just kidding", Can also be used as Sike-Ur-Mind Like. May also be referred to as Sike-A-Lii. This term originated from the Maryland/DC area, which died out in 2004.
EX.:Oh, That girl is fine, Sike-A-Like
EX2.:Do we have homework, cuz I didn't do it, Sike-Ur-Mind-Like
EX3.:Your shoe is untied, Sike-a-Lii
by "T-Money" November 05, 2005
When girls fight, and the loser was bopped.
Ahh Hahh!!! That's why Alycia bopped you.
Im bout' to bop that girl ASAP for talking trash
by "T-Money" November 05, 2005