Extremely large breasts. AKA Mamma Duggs.
Wowzer, look at her, she's got some momma duggs on her.
by JJL2006 July 26, 2006
Top Definition
Past tense of digg

When a website is dugg, it often leads to an occurence similar to one being slashdotted-
The web site becomes virtually unreachable because too many people are trying to access it and its bandwidth has been exceeded.
"You know that site I told you about? It's down; bandwidth exceeded because it was dugg."
"Bummer man, use the Google cache"
by RedXIII May 21, 2006
Extremly low-key name for marijuanna.
Yo toph, got any dugg?
by tophwebber October 06, 2015
Stands for "Designated Ugly Gay Guy." The male counterpart to any one attractive female. This male is OVERLY gay, participates in the Flag-Core for his high school band, can be seen on the dance team, and you normally have to befriend him in order to get some ass from the attractive female. (Tips to befriend the DUGG: buy him hair gel.) Good luck!
"Dude, i just met Kassie's D.U.G.G., Justin. He's super gay. I'm kind of scared."
by mrgenius August 12, 2009
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