Another word for people with no necks
"Man, I hope they have ugly dugan babies!"
by xXyousahoeXx March 13, 2010
Top Definition
a slang term for cigarette
Yo, lemme get a dugan?
by Dapwell May 13, 2006
Another word for being awesome.
Hey man nice moonlanding, that was so dugan!
by iamdugan February 23, 2010
A scottish musician, one who died after getting killed by his 7 wifes after they found out about the other 6.
Dude, that guy is almost as cool as Dugan!
by GodBandRock October 29, 2010
Another word for poop or used in place of calling something poop.
The smashing pumpkins really dropped a dugan with their new album; it is terrible.
by Drew Needle August 15, 2011
Dugan is another word for use while referring to a penis. Just as "crank", "schlong", "dick", etc. ..."dugan" is also a synonym for penis.
Dude, put some clothes on. I don't feel like seeing your dugan.
by Stephen Calabrese February 07, 2008
A derogatory term, something stupid, generally a bad mistake.
coined during a large debate over derogatory terms in a social studies class.
"Wow, Mr. Fortier was SUCH a dugan!"
by bunniesgohop January 26, 2010

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