1. A venture undertaken with the knowledge of eventual failure. However the endeavor is taken up with virtuous intentions.

Word Origin – from the 2004 congressional campaign of U.S House of Representatives Candidate Mike Dugas (R-CA) of the 5th district. The race was known to be hopelessly gerrymandered from the very start. However, Dugas proceeded to run against a 26 year incumbent because of his civic duty to represent the Republican party in the Sacramento area.
The Golden State Warriors winning the NBA championship is truly a Dugas shot in actually occurring.
by McFly January 07, 2005
Top Definition
A person who acts or is very stupid or retarded.
Dude, you're such a duga.
by Ashley Do June 22, 2008
a man with a extremely large penis usually more then a foot long.
Ian Dugas
by SHITFORBARAIN December 12, 2003
A man who has failure erecting his penis
Person 1: yo bro you fuck that bittie?

Person 2: I tried brah but I had a Dugas..
by Ammar Mohamed April 02, 2011
The man I love more than anything
I love Mr. Dugas! Also see doogie
by Jules January 27, 2005
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