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"dude" with personality!
what is up dudicle?!
by Sensless March 05, 2007
A subtle feminine distinction from the word dude, as found in a last moment self-correction made to a greeting to a newly gender reassigned friend.
"How's it hangin', dudicle?"
by MagneticPortal August 12, 2012
A man; a fellow. A compound word; taken from dude and then from testicles. A Term used by the common Bro to describe their friend, or friends.

Sup brah? I am going to the f'n sic party tonight! Where you rollin tonight dudicles?

Bro#1: Sup dudicles?
Bro#2: Brah, just poppin my collar!
by FatherTork August 19, 2008
To define a "dudicle" one must use simple mathmatics.

Dude + Popcicle = Dudicle

Therefore, a dudicle is a cock.

So then I whipped out my dudicle and beat her in the face with it.
by King.Rew May 08, 2006
A cheesy greeting used by ex-boyrfriends when they don't know what to say to a girl.
Hey Dudicle! You're the flyest girl I've ever met, but I can't tell you that just yet...
by Entity Uno December 31, 2005
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