The hair from an elephants ass. Seriously. However, has gained a new slang form, the feminine form of "dude."
1. That elephant sure has a lot of dudettes.
2. I'm a dude, she's a dude, he's a dude, were all dudes hey! (goodburger)
by R August 29, 2004
The worst attempt at inserting women into a group of cool that coensides with their sexuality. It was most likely made by a sorry individual who felt that calling a group of girls "guys" was a moral sin. Anyone who uses the word should be castrated and decapitated, because no girl would be stupid enough to use a word like "dudette."
Brian before saying "dudette": an average teenager trying to pick up girls
Brian after saying "dudette": head off, dick off, dead with blood spattering everywhere
by Andrew Shea August 29, 2004
Female dude. You might want to stay away from people who either are called that, or call others that.
- Dude, check out that hot dudette!
- Why do I hang out with you again?
by kainam August 29, 2004
a word that shouldn't even exist, clarified by Kenan and Kel's movie, Good Burger.
"I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes..."
(there is no "dudettes")
by thegreatwang October 25, 2006
A female friend who doesn't awaken any physical attraction. Basically a friend ugly enough so you don't wanna shag her!
- Hey Mike, did u screw Janine??
- No, dude, she's only a dudette!
- So she's ugly?
- As Hell, Mike, ugly as Hell!
by L Funk August 25, 2005
Pimple on the buttocks
The dermatologist was alarmed by the presence of a large dudette on Amy's buttocks!
by James Duwalt December 12, 2003
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