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A spiffy, happenin' girl.
"Look at those fine dudettes who just came out of that rock n' roll concert!"
by Forturne Cokie August 30, 2004
The female version of male version of "Dude". He's a dude and she's a dudette.
Three of my favorite dudettes were swinging down the street.
by Cal August 29, 2004
a female dude
the nickname i got whilst on holiday from lil-dude
"yo, dudette"
"dudette, wanna go to the beach?"
by Mindy-Moo May 03, 2005
The word "dude" with the suffix "ette," meaning a small dude, or a female dude

syn: dudine
"Your kid is a total dudette!"
by bmp April 16, 2005
A dude of the female persuasion; a girl or woman
That dudette over there is checking you out.
by Laer August 30, 2004
1.) A pimple on an elephant's butt
2.) A girl dude
Hey Dudette, look at that elephant's dudette!
by enomdeguerre January 02, 2012
l.A word used when females feel they must attempt to fit in with the 'dudes' and so announce they are a dudette to feel like they belong somewhere.

ll.A female version of dude.

lll. A random female outburst so to prove they are not one with the dudes they are in fact a female dude- dudette.
GuyA: Heeeeey dudes(;
by noone1273532 June 24, 2010