Where two or more otherwise solo male rappers release a song or album as a duet, but do not consider themselves a group or duo.
Did you hear the new dudet album by that hip-hop-mogul and his new artist?
#dudette #duet #colaborations #colabo #hip-hop
by D.J. Camshaft October 15, 2011
Top Definition
another form of dudess but easier to say when in a plural form. or another form of girlfreind
person:Those dudets are fit
Person:my dudets gone on holiday
#gf #girlfreind #fit #dudess #holiday
by jzz9000 January 02, 2007
when refering to male friends you say dude/s. for your girlie friends your refer to them as dudets... lads and lasses, boys and girls
hope all you dudes and dudets are coming out tonight.
#dude #girls #lasses #young women #girlie friends
by theuri April 05, 2006
a ingrown hair from a horse's butt
My horse has a dudet
by Joemama June 22, 2004
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