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Dudesauce is a sticky, white substance that comes fourth out of the tip of a mans penis when it is stimulated and the man is brought to orgasm. Also known as jizz, baby batter, and white stuff. Dudesauce has the ablility to impregnate any female whom is at the reproduction stage of her life. In order for dudesauce to come fourth, stimulation of the penis is required. Oral sex, hand jobs, or sexual intercourse are mostly used for dudesauce to appear.
"Oh man, last night was awesome...Jenny gave me a handjob and I got my dudesauce all over her face!"
by Tdawg1017 January 07, 2012
an ugly fat girl who is grody and has greesy hair and zits and is just nasty. in most cases, they are fat, but in some rare ones such as sarah jessica parker, thin people may be accepted. it is called dudesauce because most people, at first site, know that they are not dudes, just grody nasty looking girls, but for a short period of time suspect they may have a penis.
examples of dudesauce include rosie o'donnell, lily allen, monica lewinsky, and christie alley.
n. a phrase used by a stoner in place of "uh".... has no meaning... just a placeholder pretty much...
"dude sauce.... im soooo stoned right now..."
by gjelstiznles August 16, 2006
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