When one makes plans to meet up with (or go out with) a female and she shows up with a guy.
We drove down there to meet up with Ashley and got duded. What a dirty ho.
by Sooner Hater October 04, 2009
Top Definition
past tense; the act of duding someone, a friendly term. created by a socially inadequate aimbot.

girl: hey dude!
smarterchild: dude! you totally duded me!
by aleeson May 16, 2008
When you are getting a "girl" to send you naked pics online and you get them and then realize its a dude sending you pics from google images.

They typically say that their cam is broken or it is at their other parents house to avoiding giving away that they are actually dudes.
Guy #1 : Dude I just got a girl to send me naked pics! Look!
Guy #2 : Dude, I just saw that pic on google images.
Guy #1 : Shit dude, I just got DUDED :O
by ribbygoose June 13, 2011
The act in which a player in the world of final fantasy marrys a girl in game, only to find out that it is a guy irl
You got duded
by LordRavioli March 29, 2015
Cool girl. Come from dude....
She is a duded. That girl is a total duded, she won the competiton.
by ameliya February 20, 2007
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