A Meaning place where homosexual males gather
Male1: Lets go find some men at the dude ranch.
Male2: OK
by itwisted1 August 26, 2003
Top Definition
a ranch where the owner of it does no work on it. instead he hires people to do the normal work associated with a ranch. george bush likes to play cowboy at his in texas.
george bush has a dude ranch
by david j July 13, 2005
Semen, cum, jism, jizz
I saw a picture on the internet of a girl with dude ranch all over her face.
by Tyler Long May 15, 2008
Place where dudes go to fuck
Hey David, wanna go to the dude ranch this weekend and have sex with many men?
by Kobe1234567890 December 31, 2015
A great punk album by the band that used to be good Blink 182.
Blink was cool back then now they're trapped in the mainstream.
by andrew boy April 19, 2004
A homosexual activity place where dudes wearing only ass-less chaps walk on all fours and prance around like animals. they are usually accompanied by another scantily clad dude who rides said males and usually whips them while yelling "ride 'em cowboy!"
Jacob has ridden 4000 dudes at the dude ranch. a pineapple may have been involved
by Dr.Sexy3000 August 11, 2010
A ranch where stock-brokers etc. go to visit and pay to play at being cowboys.
dude ranch is full of pricks
by Dave-UK May 27, 2006
1. a more personal alternative for dude - used in conversation with a good friend 'dude' rather than a general acquaintance 'dude'

2. the home or dwelling of a group of dudes
1. Hey! It's really good to see you, duderanch. Let me get you a drink.

2. Yo dude! Let's grab a pizza and head back to the duderanch.
by Polle October 24, 2006
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