pickled human testicals for human consumtion.
We went to the store to buy some dude eggs to eat after the gay orgy.
by Jeffrey Olson May 29, 2004
Top Definition
Small eggs pickled in a spicy brine. Sold at roadside stands. As seen on Viva La Bam.
Ahrr they cut off ded pples balls n pikl em! -Don Vito, Viva la bam

*note* this has to be added again because some jerkoff got the one iI entered before deleted. Of course, the one with 17 thumbs ups gets deleted, and the one with 57 down stays */note*
by Utz89 January 08, 2005
Dude eggs are quail eggs that have been peeled and pickled in brine. The brine may be salty or spicy, depending on what brand you are purchasing. They are generally sold in the southern United States.
Don Vito thinks that his dude eggs look like regular eggs, but they are smaller. It is not until he reads the label that he is concerned that they are human.
by Pannikin April 14, 2006
(1) Buy some garlic dill pickles. (2) Eat the pickles. (3) Save the jar & juice. (4) Hard boil some eggs. (5) Put them in the jar of pickle juice (in the refrigerator!) (6) Let sit at least 24 hours. (7) Enjoy.
My step-dad makes his own dude eggs.
by Jeff Goven January 01, 2007
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